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Sadbhavana Vikhlang Evam Samaj Kalyan Samithi(Svesks) secular org for welfare of the society and the disabled.

I , Sri Narayan Dwivedi, the founder and convenor , being myself, a disabled, knows the pain and suffering faced in daily life . In college days I often took up the cause of the disabled , graduating in Social Work, I joined the Indian Railways. However an inner calling caused me to resign and establish this NGO devoting myself to the service of the disabled. I started a computer coaching centre, “Nancy Training Centre” in which disabled were taught computer skills with free classes to those from poor families.

Soon my NGO was frequented by people with problems related to family , property, dowry etc while the residents of Ramnagar also approached me regarding matters of good governance , such as polluted drinking water, breakdown in electricity, bad roads etc . Then in 2005 , I became earnestly involved in campaign against the increasing pollution of the river Ganga in Varanasi. To deal efficiently and effectively with these diverse issues I formed the following three bodies.

THE SAMASYA NIDAN KENDRA handled personal problems, complaints and issues of common citizens. Till date it had intervened in cases related to family and property disputes, dowry deaths, unjustified dowry demands, ill treatment of Brides by In-Laws, Human Rights violations etc all of which help to secure justice for the Victims.

Danda guru Ram Nagar

Narayan Dwivedi
Founder : Sadbhavana Vikhlang & Samaj Kalyan Samithi

It also took up matters related to Good Governance by successfully communicating to authorities the problems faced by ordinary citizens due to constant electricity failures, bad roads, poor educational facilities in schools etc. Though the authorities responded positively in some cases I resorted to Hunger Strikes to gain their attention.

THE MA GANGA DAINIK ARTHI SEVA SAMITHI aims to channel the traditional religious sentiments of the Ramnagar Public towards maintaining the cleanliness of River Ganga.Every day it performs Arthi cum Pooja at the Baluwa/Shastri Ghat of Ramnagar which is attended by the Public. On the occasion of Dev Deepavali or Karthik Purnima special celebrations are held on a large scale.

THE GANGA RAKSHAK TASK FORCE is concerned with ensuring a rubbish free environment in streets and by-lanes of Ramnagar and on the banks and waters of the River Ganga.